We Live in Exciting Times - Join Me in a Celebration

Britain has gone Red, White and Blue crazy! It's true! And it's contagious!
We Brits aren't well known for being brimming with enthusiasm - we are, generally speaking, a reserved bunch, slow to wake, reluctant to react. But something is happening in Britain that is shaking us all to the seats of our pants. For we live in exciting times.
We are celebrating. The Queen has been on the throne for 60 years - no mean feat for an octogenarian! Can you imagine teaching for 60 years?!? She has been touring the country for the last few months in a bid to meet as many people as possible - to see and be seen. The first week of June sees the country in Royal fever. Royal barges, concerts, Big Jubilee Lunches and street parties (a unique British tradition...).

In June the eyes of the world will be on Britain for another reason - the 2012 Olympic Games. Things are really hotting up. 
So I'm sending you all an invitation to join us for a Great British Knees-Up. Pop on over to my blog to find out more and to download a ROYAL FREEBIE to get you in the mood.
Hope to see you there!


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