The Well Planned Day - Interview

Recently I was able to interview the creator of the Well Planned Day planners Rebecca Keliher. Although her main planner is written with homeschool moms in mind, the On the Go planner and student planners can be used by anyone. The unique thing about these planners is that even though they are available in either print form or pdf form, they can also be customized on the computer. Print and pdf planners have to be used as written, but with computer software users have even more options.

I fired as many questions as I could think of to get as much information as possible from Rebecca about how her planners work and how people can benefit from using them. Getting and staying organized can be quite a job for any kind of teacher. Some people have found planners to be helpful in keeping themselves organized. I hope the information that Rebecca provided in the interview and on her website will be a help to someone.

The Well Planned Day interview

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