A Wheel-y Great Ride

Made from a bus die-cut using Rolo candy for the wheels.
How will your school family celebrate YOU this week?  Last year, I made these school-bus tokens of our appreciation for every teacher and staff member to hold the Sonic gift cards that the Administrative team gave. Additionally, our PTO members threw us a luncheon and our parents showered us with kind words of affirmation and generous gifts meant to pamper us. The hand-picked flower bouquets are probably my favorite! Well, that and notes or letters from the kids. I have a bucket filled with nice notes and pictures that I'm saving as part of my retirement account.

But what can students do to show their appreciation? I asked a kindergartener during my first year in an Elementary school, "Isn't Mrs. Millsaps the best teacher?" Her response? "How would I know; she's the only one I've had so far." Those literal five-year-olds always manage to make me smile. Why not have students track down a former teacher and let him or her know how much they appreciate them and their influence? 
Click here for a letter-writing template and thinking prompts that you can download and use to get students planning what they'll include in that note to thank a teacher that they've had in years past. It's a win-win because the students get to reminisce and reflect and a special teacher gets to read how he or she made a difference. We used it when I was on a 5th-&-6th-grade campus, so you may have to simplify it for those younger grades. 

EnJOY your week; happy pampering!

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