a window to the seed

Happy Weekend!!!
I wanted to share how my kiddos are observing
their germinating seeds....
sorry the hands are covering some of the case... but I have their names (first and last) written on the tape :)
we are using my hubs old CD cases
as our little windows to germination.

They have really REALLY REALLY enjoyed looking at their sunflower seeds sprout!!!
I have used plastic baggies in the past
BUT no more!!!
This is way better!!!
AND after the plant gets a little bigger we are going to transplant ((( ha ha transPLANT)))
them into our school garden... YAY!!!
AND I will have the kiddos wash out the CD cases so I can use them again next year!!!

I posted this pic to show you how we store our little window "garden" when we are not making observations.
Do you see them?
They are sitting on the middle window pane.
Well that about covers it.
If you want to see a few more things we have been doing this week head on over to


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