Winning at Planning: Step 2

We are tackling the planning process one tiny baby step at a time. When it comes to planning anything, whether it be your weekly menu or your yearly homeschool plan, it helps to have a clear purpose and time to think. My new series, Winning at Planning, will help you take the time to make a plan that fits you.

Too often we feel rushed about making homeschool decisions and we fall into the trap of doing what is popular or easy. We are so blessed to be teaching in a time of unlimited resources. There are hundreds if not thousands of homeschool curricula to choose from and then there's the bottomless pit of information from the internet! It's easy to get overwhelmed. I've been there and just wanted to throw in the towel and just go with what was right in front of me. I liken it to going grocery shopping for dinner and getting overwhelmed by all the options and saying, "Forget it! I'll just get a frozen pizza." It isn't what you had planned on buying and it isn't the best thing for your family. But it is cheap and easy, so you give in and give up.

Come join me over on Teaching My 3 if you are ready to win at planning and have a year that is so much better than frozen pizza! This series is geared towards homeschool families, but teachers will find it helpful too.

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