Winning at Planning: Step 3

I think organizing and planning are two things that seem simple, but cause a ton of grief. You can look all around and see great ideas that make you wonder why you haven't done that since it's soooo easy. (think Pinterest!) But the reality is, you don't have hours each day to create perfect systems to make your life organized. Nor do you have the time, money or patience to keep trying system after system to find one that works. If you are trying to be more organized, you need to analyze before you buy.

When it comes to planning your school lessons, being organized is key. What good are those awesome lessons if they are buried in your kitchen or in the backseat of your car?

My new blog series, "Winning at Planning", is geared towards homeschool parents, but teachers could certainly benefit from the ideas too. Step 3 is about setting up a system for organizing lessons. Being organized means being better prepared, less wasteful and less stressed.

I'd love to have you join in the discussion as we work towards creating the best school year ever. Come on over to Teaching My 3 to learn more.

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