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I don't know about you, but this year is very quickly coming to an end.  With all that I have to do this year (and for some reason it just feels like MORE), I am finding that the old standby activities I used to do aren't going to cut it.  One thing that is on the chopping block is the letter I usually have my students write to the incoming kids.  I really love having the words of wisdom from the "old" students out on the desks to welcome the "new".  But the shear idea of taking the students through the formal writing process right now is giving me a headache.

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So I came up with a solution to this headpounding problem.  I created an "A Word of Advice" folded book for my students to fill out.  All of the same old questions and topics are covered, it is just in a more concise....and less formal way.  And my students are loving it!  Come visit me at Teaching in Room 6 to see how I have made this folded book with my kids.  Pictures and ideas abound...see you there!

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