Wrapping Up This Year...

It's bittersweet!  I'm excited for summer...sleeping late (well, past 5:30 am), having free time, and lunch dates with other teacher buddies.  But I'm also sad to see my kids go.  I've had a really good group this year and hope that they do well in 4th grade!

We've been doing lots of engaging activities here lately.  They're starting to get a little squirrely and chatty.  I wanted the kids to be able to talk to each other, enjoy their last fews days together, and accomplish a meaningful, time worthy activity!

I created a memory book for them to complete.  It has eight pages with room for BFF's, autographs, and summer plans.  Click the picture below to check it out!
What are you doing to wrap up the school year?!  Either way, I hope everything is going well!

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