A Year Ago...

It's hard to believe that one year ago, I came into blog land, to blog about not getting a full time job. Back then, it was a place for me to get out my thoughts and share the point of view as  a substitute.

If you would have told me that a year later, I'd have about 300 followers, be an author on TBA, and have a TN store, I may have looked at you like you were a bit crazy!

 Not to mention that I  have some great blog author buddies! I love the blogging community and how everyone shares their ideas with each other. Hey, I love seeing the pics of all your classrooms!

Here's to what's hopefully another great year (and many more) in blog land, to more bloggy buddy friendships, and to many more posts sharing ideas.

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog, follows me, and leaves comments! It's been a fun week on my blog celebrating and you should come on over if you haven't yet!

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