ABC....Easy as 123

Over my 20 years of teaching I'd venture to guess that I probably bought 
at least 50  sets of alphabet letters to use for 
bulletin boards and games in my classroom. 
I've cut out and then laminated and then cut out again 
so many little letters and numbers that I'm sure one day
 I'll end up with carpal tunnel syndrome!

After so many years of buying them I got smart. 
Now, instead of buying letters and numbers, I just create them myself! 

So if you'd like some new sets without having to purchase them, 
then this is your lucky day! 

Here are the different sets of letters I've made
{clicking on the picture will take you to that set}


And here are the different sets of numbers
{clicking on the picture will take you to that set}


Each time I make and post a set I get requests for different colors
 or shapes or sets of numbers so if you don't see something you need- 
just let me know and I'll be happy to make some for you! 
{I just noticed that most of these are polka dot sets- 
maybe I should do some that are stripes or solids?}

Come on over to download your very own FREE sets! 

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