ABCs of Homeschooling

This list just came to me one day so I decided to write a page about the ABCs of homeschooling. It was fun to think about all the aspects of homeschooling. There are so many things that parents can learn with and from their children when they are homeschooling.

If you read much of my website content, you'll find out pretty quickly that I'm not a school-at-home type of person, although I DO believe in helping kids learn a ton. When kids develop a love for learning, you just can't stop them from learning.

I hope this list is helpful to someone out there. Newbies as well as veteran homeschoolers should be able to get something out of it. There is room at the bottom of the list to add your own comments or words that you might add to these letters.

ABCs of Homeschooling

How to Homeschool

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