Organizing Social Studies Projects For Any Content

I posted a little while ago about differentiation in the classroom. Although it can be time consuming, there really is no other way to teach these days, than to create a variety of choice for students, providing options in learning processes and products. I realize that the year has come to a close for many. However, we are still in school here for a couple more weeks. With the beautiful weather, it can be especially difficult to keep students' attention in the classroom.

I've had my students working on differentiated Social Studies projects for the last number of weeks, and they've been really into them! Come on over to: Lessons From the Middle to get all of the info on organizing these projects in your own classroom. I've shared some photos of student samples, as well as a freebie with the info and assessment rubrics!

social studies projects, lessons from the middle
Project Sample: Confederation and PEI ~ Drawing and Oral Presentation

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