Alliteration with Dr. Seuss & ABCs

I know Dr. Seuss stuff typically goes flying around in February and March but really, why should we limit his awesome works to only one point in the school year?  I can't help but to look ahead to the beginning of the next school, new classroom, new ways of doing most everything.  And one of the things I want to change is to start out with Dr. Seuss's ABC.  After all, how can any kindergarten teacher not love a book based on the alphabet?!
I've come up with a little {freebie} packet of activities to use with the ABC book.  It's pretty versatile so you can use it to review alphabetic principles, teach the alphabet for the first time or save it for Dr. Seuss' birthday in March!  It also hits Common Core standards...which is a must these days, is it not?
You can get the packet for free {through my TPT store} or come by my blog to learn more about how I'm planning to highlight Dr. Seuss all year long, beginning on day 1!

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