Auto-Post Your Blog Posts to Your Social Media Sites

Are you a blogger/teacher-seller who has a vacation coming up?  Or maybe you just want to be able to relax and enjoy your summer vacation for a bit before feeling like you have to keep up with all the social media networks?  Well, I have a solution for you! 
 You can syndicate ANY blog - including TBA, The Organized Classroom Blog, or your own - right to your Facebook fan page, personal Facebook page, and/or Twitter account!  Syndication means that whenever the blog that you are syndicating posts a new blog post, it will automatically show up on your selected social media networks shortly thereafter on their own!  Kind of nice to keep your readers up to date, without having to make sure you head over there to post.

There are a couple of things to think about though, which I mention on my blog post today at The Organized Classroom Blog, so make sure to head over there, grab your freebie picture tutorial, and read all about it!

See you there and happy syndicating!

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