Behavior Management Tips for Teachers

I'm loving all the great Classroom Management Day posts here on TBA! Earlier, I shared my articles on routines and procedures. Now, I'd like to give you some resources for addressing behavior issues in your room.

Behavior Management Articles

Behavior Management Resources5 Pro-Active Strategies for Behavior Management
Behavior Plans and Charts
Character Education
Daily/Weekly Reports 
How to Create Class Rules
Individual Behavior Plans
Redirecting Off-Task Behavior
The Bead Reinforcement System
The World’s Easiest Token System

You might also want to check out these blog posts about behavior and classroom management:

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Ideas for student rewards and incentives
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Rewarding kids in the 21st century
Tattling, telling, bossing, and helping
Who’s in control of your classroom?
How to fill a prize box for free

Enjoy! :-)

Angela Watson

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