A Better Way to Do This

Ever have the feeling that your classroom layout doesn't fit your style of teaching anymore?

This year... my classroom layout wasn't bad - it was just the same one I had used for three years. However, this year I began teaching math in small groups and I really found myself spending a lot of energy being *creative* in the placement of my materials. I really had to have everything from math put away in order to make guided reading groups function without manipulatives around. Having told you this, know that this draining creativity squeeze was just the beginning of the thinking, "There has to be a better way to do this everyday."

So, I began to think, plan, draw ideas and expand on them.
Would you believe that I was sketching how to give up a teacher desk?
That I envisioned giving up half of my student tables?
That my plans included adding a bouncy ball to meet the needs of my active kinders?

With fierce determination, I began moving things around with a few weeks left of school. It gave me the opportunity to see if my sketches could come to life. The results?

My favorite aspect of the new room layout, which was brought on by having additional space now that my traditional desk is gone, is that there are more open spaces. I used to think that open spaces were terrifying {insert picture of kinders wrestling} but that doesn't hold true for me any more. And, I do thoroughly love my new teacher space. Yes, I got rid of a desk, but I still need a place to put planning tools.

A lot came from the idea, but I hope sharing some photos can give you some ideas too! Click the photo to get a photo tour of the changes I recently made over at KindergartenWorks.

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