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I found out (from Fran)there is a book study going on using the book Teaching in the Digital Age:Smart Tools for age 3-Grade 3. The book is written for teachers  and it explores many of the digital tools available and how teachers can make use of them in the classroom. I feel like such a "book study stalker" because I haven't received my copy of the book yet and I'm already posting about chapter 2. ;-)
It seems chapter 2 is all about digital photography. Well, if you know me, you know I don't need much prompting to speak to that topic. I take close to 1,000   photos of my students in "action" per school year and use them in a variety of ways. I use everything from Power Point, to iPads as a means to engage student learning. I often import pictures into Power Point to help make labels for the classroom, pictures for the pocket chart, and short presentations to help clarify learning....for instance when we learn about birds, I find pictures of robins, their nests, the babies, etc. and make a Power Point to continually play on the projector while we do our step-by-step drawings of robins. I make a lot of videos to share with students and parents. These videos are used to help parents have a peek into our classroom and see what we're learning. If you are a current user of technology, or even on the fence, you may want to stalk along with me until the books arrive. ;-).
Here are a few samples of ways I use digital photos in my classroom:
I label items/games/toys to make it easier for kids to find/clean up; to share on our classroom blog projects we've done in class; photos of field trips or special visitors (which can be used for retelling details, sequencing, etc.) and pictures of each child (with names printed) to place in the pocket chart (for reading and writing messages to others).
It's not always easy to find videos that explain some of the topics in a way that 5/6 year olds can understand, so I make my OWN videos with digital photos and voiceovers.
Come on over to the Teachers' Lounge to learn more and see many more examples of ways I use digital photography in my classroom.

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