A Bucket Full Of Happiness

Happy Tuesday!  Are you familiar with the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets?  When I speak at conferences, I often ask participants how many of those Assets they had in place growing up and many educators will answer in the mid-30 range. My siblings and I would say we had all but about three, but we grew up in a different place and time for sure. Today's teens struggle to claim fifteen on the list. Just how do we make sure that we're planting in fertile soil so that tomorrow's leaders have what it takes to successfully make footsteps worth following?  We've found a helpful resource in Carol McCloud's Growing Up With A Bucket Full of Happiness.

We gave a copy of this book to all of our faculty and staff on our first day back last year and had a book talk to launch us into the new year.  

Happy Teachers + Happy Kids = A Happier Classroom Climate, 
so it was a value-able investment for sure!  

There are a myriad of ways that you can create a ripple effect as your little sponges you soak up the bucket-filler momentum. Start by making a We Are Bucket Fillers! bulletin board and add a drop-shaped piece of blue paper with affirmations on it when you catch kids doing the right thing. Let them fill them out about one another - they LOVE it!  You can also use a real bucket as a visual; fill it with kind words or something tangible like a marble or puff when someone does something caring. If you want to sing about it, click {here} for a simple song I wrote. Encourage your students to write a verse or two of their own. What do you do in your bucket-filling school or classroom?

After reading Carol's Have You Filled A Bucket Today? back in 2006, I sent her a note of thanks for having written such a wonderful tool for our character building. An expert Bucket Filler herself, she wrote back and we became friends. (She's signed a few copies of her book if you want to hop on over to the Corner and enter to win.) If you EVER get a chance to hear her speak, do yourself a favor and make it happen!  In the meantime, check out this book. Happy Bucket Filling!

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