Change Your Student's Life With One Quick Email

I'm proud to have my second ever guest blogger join me at Lesson From The Middle. She has a really simple idea that could make a huge difference in your students' lives.

We all love to be recognized for doing something well - teachers and students. It's human nature! It's nice when someone walks by and compliments our bulletin board display, congratulates us on the spring production or the success of our latest community project. It gives us that warm fuzzy feeling all over, to be noticed and to get that pat on the back. Of course, we shouldn't do what we do for those pats on the back, but it sure feels nice when we receive them.

Well, Catherine has a unique idea for you, to give your students a "pat on the back" that they'll never forget. It may be too late for this school year, but check out this guest blog post (make make sure you take a couple of minutes to watch the linked interview) and hang on to this idea for next year!

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