Back To School Classroom Organization

CAFE BOARD- My new cafe board is still in progress.  One idea that I am really excited about is the magnetic (stove) burner covers from the dollar store.  I am going to print the students' names on the a magnetic strip and they will place their name into whichever category they are working on.  I like this better than post-it notes because they won't fall off!

FRAME YOUR BOARDS!- I added the same solid blue frame around ALL my bulletin boards.  I have lots of bright colors in my room; by giving them all the same border it adds a uniform look.  Also, all of my bulletin board paper is black (except for my cafe board).  If you haven't added a border to your whiteboards, I would highly recommend it.  It make them pop!  :)

ADD LABELS TO EVERYTHING- Look extra organized- label!  I printed everything onto one color cardstock that will be grouped together.  I try to keep everything very uniform.  

Come see the rest of my organization ideas including computer organization and setup tricks at Teaching Happily Ever After!  Did I mention there are more freebies?  :)

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