Classroom Management - New Things I tried This Year

Hi all!  Classroom management!  Such a powerful word and so important for a successful school year.  Since the school year is out, I have been reflecting on what worked and what didn't, what I tried that was new and I'm keeping, what I tried that is going......

This year I added a few new things to spice things up a bit;)  I am always looking for things that are fun and also calming,(can you use those 2 words in the same sentence????)   it helps set the classroom tone and keep things productive.  One thing I do, (don't know if this qualifies as classroom management....I think it does) is have soft classical or calming music playing every morning as the students enter.  They totally love it.  It starts the day calmly.  They come in quiet and grab their book luggage, go curl up in a corner and read with the music going in the background.  I even had a parent send in an Andrea Bocelli (love him) CD to play.  That's just on thing I do.  Click on the pictures below to visit some other posts I have written about the classroom management I have used this year.

Sweet Behavior was new to my classroom this year and Pinterest inspired.  I used this as a whole group type of classroom management.  They earned cupcakes as a group which encouraged teamwork and collaboration. 
Sweet Behavior

I don't like to have to raise my voice over the kids or clap to get their attention.  I came across these adorable music wands at a professional development I was attending and absolutely love them.  They make such a pleasant sound and as soon as my kiddos heard it, they were quiet and listening:)
Music Wands (or as I like to call them, my princess wand)

For individuals, I use E Money in my classroom.  At the beginning of the year, the students determine what they will earn money for and how much.  Then monthly, we have a classroom store and they get to spend the money they have earned:)

Those are a few of the ideas that I used this year that were successful:)  I hope you have found something that you can use to make your upcoming year a wonderful one.

4th Grade Frolics


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