Classroom Management: The Organization Side

Classroom management is one of those things I never learned in college.  All of my courses were designed around teaching reading or math.  Social studies was even thrown in.  ;)  But never once did I take a course that was specifically for classroom management techniques.  And really, how could it be.  Managing a classroom is one of those things that comes with experience and "being in the trenches".  You work out your own style and find what suits you best.  It also isn't only about behavior.  It is ALL of those things that help your classroom to run smoothly on a daily basis, especially how you and your students are organized.

Over the 14 years that I have been teaching, I have learned some tricks to management that work for me, so I thought I would share them with you.  Here are a few ideas that span grade levels and will help you to have a successfully smooth year.

Plan Early, Plan Ahead

As the year winds down, which I realize for some of you the year has already closed, I find myself getting the things that I know will need ready for the upcoming year.  Things like folders and pencil boxes, run off homework and first day activities.  Then I can have those ready to go.  For many ideas (and some FREEBIES!) click here.

Organize the Students

One key to a smooth class is knowing where your stuff is.  So each year I make a "Desk Layout" sign for my students (depending upon what books I found myself using...sometimes it does change).  Each day, the students refer to this when they are cleaning up.  It helps to keep everything in place, and the problem of the messy desk is gone!  Here you can read about how exactly I create the poster.

Partner Picking

Students will pick their friends as their partners.  It is just the way of life.  So I have created this SIMPLE little organization sheet for them so that everyone has a chance to partner with everyone.  Easy peezy, and there are NO people left out asking "Can I be your partner?" over and over.  Click here to read more!

Name Lists

This is the most helpful little sheet of paper I have in my class.  Using this has helped me to keep all that little paperwork (field trip slips, assignments, etc...) organized and kept track of.  So simple to create, and the return is fabulous!  Here you can find out more! those are just a few of the MANY different ideas on Teaching in Room 6 about Classroom Management and Organization.  Click here to read more!

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