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Have you ever had something in your classroom you wished that you could give a makeover?  For me, it has been a number of things including my classroom table, a wall, a countertop, a podium, a door, and the list continues to grow with each year!  You see, my classroom is really old...I mean, really, really old!  As in, some of the folks I work with attended first grade in this classroom! (and they are not exactly spring chickens! haha)  But seriously, the room needs a renovation and with budgets tight and our county's spending down to nada, a teacher has to be creative in the ways in which he or she can update their room.  My top two choices for creatively "hiding" areas are:

1. Adhesive Shelf Liner
It is quick and easy to use, super cheap and can be found at 
TJ Maxx or Marshalls in some pretty great patterns.
It  does wonders to fix up a table or wall!
Countertop Before:
Countertop After!

Table Before:
Table After!

2.  Fabric
I have a fabric fetish leftover from my sewing days.  You can buy it from places like Joann's or Hancock Fabric in large quantities, wait for a coupon and save even more.  Another place I buy fabric is on ebay, you can choose your number of yards on some listings and really get it cheap...just be sure to check  the specifics of the fabric, etc.

Fabric with tension rods at top and bottom to cover an ugly door:
Fabric quickly made into curtains to decorate the entrance:
  and hallway:
 Burlap to cover a bulletin board:
 Not the greatest picture, but hanging fabric curtains to cover storage behind my loft:

Don't forget to go and visit my blog to see more
about what I have been up to with shelf liner!

First Grade Blue Skies

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