Clipping It Up With Clip Charts

Over the years I've used many different behavior plans from names on the board, stamps and stickers, behavior charts on desktops and the good old color card system.  The card system worked the best for me.  However, next year I'm changing it up or rather "Clipping" it up.  I love the idea of a system that rewards kids for doing their personal best and exceeding classroom expectations.  I love that kids can move up and down. When a student gets in trouble in my class, I let them know they are still a great kid who didn't make a great choice.  If they are a child who is used to never being in trouble, they can be devastated when they are asked to change their card.  When this happens, I stop, pull them aside, wipe the tears and give them the talk about how great they are, but they are only 5 and they made a bad choice.  They need to be responsible and make good choices  and move on.  I tell my kids everyone makes mistakes and sometimes bad choices, it doesn't mean they are bad kids.  I think the clip chart will be a perfect way to reinforce the good choices my kids make.  I've made mine for next year, I just need to print it out. I didn't like how it turned out on my school printer.

BTW- did you know you can upload your print projects to Office Depot.  My clip chart will only cost me $5.  Now that's a deal.

If you want a copy of this Clip Chart head on over to my blog

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