Coming Full Circle {FREEBIE}, Mrs. Moorman,
At the very beginning of the school year, on the second day in fact, the students in my room are met with a questionnaire on their desk.  This questionnaire has spots for information about them more as CHILDREN than as students.  What is their favorite food? Favorite musician?  Strength as a student?  What do you like to do at home?

I love these because they give me a small insight into who the children are sitting in my room.  It also helps me to see who the popular singers and actors of the day are ;)

But what is more important is what I did with these at the end of the year.  Throughout this school year, I have been using The Important Book when learning to summarize, discuss reference books, even to write letters to our volunteers. There is just so much application with this book, that I find that I use it A LOT as a teacher.  So I thought it only fitting to use if for the End of Year gift for my students.

Come on over to my blog to see just how I used these little questionnaires and The Important Book, to put together a gift my student LOVED!

upper grade blogOh, and pick up a copy of the questionnaire that you can use (I made mine above in Vista Print, but I made a special one just for you!)

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