Comprehension Mats

Reading comprehension is such a huge part of instruction in my class (and I suspect in many other classes as well)  Because so much of what I do is based on the skills and strategies associated with reading comprehension, I am always looking for new and engaging ways to teach them to my students.

For a few years now, I have been using a strategy log in my class.  It is just a plain, simple log that asks my students to use the main comprehension strategies we discuss in class (summarize, visualize, clarify, etc...)  It works fine, but I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted.  Plus, it took a lot of copies!
So about a month ago, I came up with something that has been working really well in getting my students to be both engaged AND meaningful in their responses to our reading.  Comprehension Reading Mats!

Come over to my blog to read more in detail about how I use these, how my kids have reacted to them, and how you can get a piece of them for free!  See you over there.

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