A Confession, A Reflection, and A Science Freebie

Hey guys!

It's Michelle from Making It As A Middle School Teacher.

As you can see from the title, I have 3 things to share with you today.

First, you may not remember me as it's been about 6 weeks since I wrote my introductory post here on TBA.  :(

This is partly due to the craziness that is the end of the school year.  Here's the real confession though.  I've been a little nervous about what to post.  I don't want to mess up or disappoint all the readers here because I truly feel as though I'm in great company among all the TBA authors.

So I finally decided to just take the plunge and share a post I wrote in April {which happens to be one of my favorite posts}.

Cue the second thing...the reflection.

I taught Science this year, but will thankfully be heading back to my passion, Math, next year!  However, teaching Science did make me move far away from my comfort zone and, in the end, that was a good thing!

Head on over to my blog to read What Teaching Science This Year Has Taught Me.  You can think of it as a Top 8 List. ;-)
Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},

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