Do You Daily 5 in K? Do You Want To?

If you have ever even thought about implementing Daily 5 in your kindergarten classroom, now is a great time to get some ideas and prepare for next fall!  There is a book study going on right now specific to Daily 5 in the kindergarten classroom.  We all know what a different breed we they are and that we need discussions, information, and ideas focused on our little ones exclusively.  I have done pieces here and there of the Daily 5 framework, but I am ready to take on the whole "program" in its entirety this coming year, with the help of this book study, as well as my new classroom mantra:
This poster will be hanging in my classroom next
year to remind me of my new philosophy.  It can
hang in yours, too, if you'd like!
I am always so focused on the standards that these little friends must accomplish by the end of the year and the pressure that is there to make sure they get there, that I can easily overlook the fact that they are not ready for some of the information and/or objectives I put in front of them.  I really feel that if I can keep a slow, yet steady pace that my end results will be the same or MAYBE even better. What are your thoughts as a kindergarten teacher--do you feel pressure to go full steam ahead at the beginning of the year?  Do you ever feel like you have ever left behind some important basics before your group was ready? 
Swing on in to find this poster to print off, as well as lots of thoughts and ideas behind the Daily 5 book in regards to kindergarten.

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