Easy Digital Storytelling for K - 5: Great for Writer's Workshop and So Much Fun!

The website I want to share with you is LittleBirdTales

This website allows you to create photo albums and/or picture books with narration. 
It's FREE to use and super simple.

Here is how I used this website this year in my classroom:

Each year in my kindergarten classroom, we conduct an entire research unit on animals. One of the standards we have to meet is having the kids "present" their research. Typically they make posters, dioramas, book jackets, etc. This year was the first year I chose to try a digital storybook and I'm so glad I did. Check out our "Safari Research" presentation when you view the full post {here}.

Pretty cool, huh? This was a hit with the kids! I mean they NEVER got tired of seeing the animals they chose and hearing themselves and their classmates present their learning. It is still one of the most amazing activities I've done with my kiddos. It's very simple, but was a "thumbtack" to post all they learned about the various safari animals.

Something even cooler is that you can purchase the Mp4 download for $.99. (Of course you can view online for FREE anytime). That would be great to put in a listening center. Parents can also purchase the Mp4 as a wonderful keepsake! And, even as a teacher - I know I want to keep this to remember those sweet little ones - just hearing their voices brings back memories....:0) How special!

{click here} to read the full post and see classroom examples that are so cute! 


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