Friday Freebie - How Homeschoolers Use the iPad ebook

homeschool collegeThis week's Friday freebie is another free ebook. The book is called How Homeschoolers Use the iPad to Unlock Learning Breakthroughs in Math, Science, History, and Literature. The book gives lots of great ideas on how to use the iPad with all types of learners. The iPad can help students understand different subjects that otherwise could be confusing or difficult to understand. Using videos, online courses, interactive diagrams, and organizational tools not available on a laptop or desktop computer, can help any student love learning. 

The book contains some testimonials from students, websites that are iPad friendly, and explains what the iPad can actually do for homeschoolers. The ebook gives a good comparison between the iPad and the conventional laptop.

The ebook can be accessed at the bottom of my Homeschool College page.

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