Goodbye and Hello

Do you ever have those days when a project just happens in your class?  It wasn't exactly planned, it takes on a life of its own, but it works?  That is what happened in my class yesterday.

beginning of year project,
You see, the office clerk at my school is retiring.  She is such a fun lady, that my class decided to be in charge of the farewell banner for her retirement luncheon.  I knew I didn't want the standard banner, so I began to "up" it with some student work.  But what to do for her? 

What I settled on turned out to be SUCH a cute project that no only makes a great end of school project, but could also work for the beginning of the year!  Come on over to my blog to see just how I created this little gem...and how you can recreate it in your own room when you get back to school in the fall (or summer, like me).

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