Guided Math Chapter 4 & a Freebie!

Chapter 4 is all about Using Guided Math with the Whole Class

It's true! There's room for whole group instruction in the Guided Math framework! Were you like me? Before I got to read Laney Sammons' book Guided Math, I assumed Guided Math meant mini-lesson- small group. Turns out I was wrong! Whole group instruction IS the format to deliver mini-lessons, but also many other forms of instruction.

Sammons gives lots of suggestions of instructional strategies for which whole group is most appropriate. Some of them are not mini-lessons or reviewing and testing, but she gave a few that I just haven't used in my math instruction.

I'm finding several things I want to implement next year to amp up my math instruction.
  • Math-related read alouds
  • KWL charts
  • Anticipation guides
  • Word Splashes
Click on over to read more about it & pick up a FREEBIE!

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