Guided Math -Chapter 5

Using Guided Math with Small Groups

Have you tried using small group instruction for math? Most teachers use small group instruction during reading because it lets us  differentiate & monitor students more closely, along with other benefits. Of course, you get those same benefits for math when you use small group instruction. 

And actually, there are even more benefits when you are using small groups in math:
  • Manipulatives -- It's so much easier to distribute and monitor the use of manipulatives when you're working in small groups rather than whole group. Does anyone else have the issue of not having enough for everybody in their classroom? That problem is solved too. 
  • Discussions -- Talking about math is SO important! But it's hard to do whole group. In small group, kiddos have more of an opportunity to talk, and those who are uncomfortable speaking up in the whole class are more comfortable in the small group.
Are you wondering how you would go about forming small group?
What a small group lesson might look like?
Click on over to learn more! 

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