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With all the amazing discussion going on during our book study of Guiding Readers I have had guided reading on the brain these days. I have been blog stalking, pinning, reading, note taking and in general soaking in everything I can learn about guided reading.

I have put together a post of some great guided reading finds from TBA authors and others around the blog-o-sphere. There's a little about organization, assessment, materials management, a freebie and some short thoughts on Chapter 3 from our Guiding Readers book study.

We have moved into the chapters that focus on the stages of reading development and how we can plan our guided reading around the needs of our learners. I love the amount of lesson plan examples that Lori Jamison Rog provides, as well as the templates and material suggestions. We are only 1/3 into the book and my brain feels like it's going to burst with knowledge!

Come on over to check out the multitude of guided reading links I have posted and to hear my brief thoughts on Chapter 3!

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