Guiding Readers Chapter 1

Are you ready? Do you have your book?

I have received a few emails from people who are concerned that they don't have their book yet...but don't fret. The posts will stay up for each chapter and there will be an ongoing linky party so you can jump in whenever you get your book or are able to join us.

Misty from Think, Wonder, Teach is the co-host for Chapter 1.  
Please check out what she has to say about the start of our book study.

I am also posting about Chapter 1 at Thinking of Teaching and there is a linky party up and running so we can all share in the learning together. I am so excited that the start of the book study has finally arrived. Not only because it means that I only have 7 days left of school until summer, but because reading this book and learning more about guided reading as been a personal goal of mine for quite awhile now. I want to thank everyone that is embarking on this journey with me and my fellow co-hosts. Now, let's get reading!!

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