Guiding Readers ~ Making the Most of Your 18 Minutes!

I think as teachers we all have the same complaint...

There's just never enough time!

Do you ever feel like that little clock right there? If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to maximize the time I have available for instruction. That's why I was so glad to hear that Beth over at Thinking of Teaching was leading a study of the book Guiding Readers: Making the Most of the 18-Minute Guided Reading Lesson by Lori Jamison Rog.

I'm really liking the practical tips that Rog gives in the book...
 like how to plan a guided reading lesson, what kinds of books are best, suggested activities/learning strategies you can use to maximize your instruction. 

Click on over to learn how you can  
get the biggest bang for your pedagogical buck.

Psst! You'll also learn how you can join in this book study for FREE!

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