A Handy (free) resource to visually Teach you about All things Technology!

Getting stuck on a web 2.0 tool?  
Check out Web 2.0 OER the user's manual to everything web 2.0.!!!

In today's classroom, we are all using some form of technology on some level.  Whether we consider ourselves experts or we're just getting started, we could all use a helpful tip every now and then.  Some of the most useful technology tools out there have little glitches or specific terminology that can kill our efforts to use them.  Dr. Amin has set out to help get us past those glitches and using the technology in the way that best suits our purposes.

Web 2.0 OER (Open Educational Resources), initiated by Dr. Amin, is dedicated to providing an easy-to-follow guide and just-in-time training on various Web 2.0 tools that can be easily integrated into teaching and learning.  I know teachers everywhere will really fall in love with this time saving resource.  The tools presented by Dr Amin are amazing and truly useful to all teachers, regardless of grade level, the type of school you teach at, or experience level with technology.

This resource really is THE BEST "go to" site to teach you about All things Technology!

I highly recommend checking it out!  You'll be SO GLAD you did!

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