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When looking through homeschool classifieds, some sights can be very confusing and time consuming. Since I've been homeschooling for quite a while, I have done my share of buying and selling homeschool books.

I've tried to compile a list of the best places I have found to find both new and used homeschool books at the best prices. Since this time of year starts the curriculum buying season for the next school year, many parents are trying to wade through different websites.

Hopefully I can save some parents some time and money by giving them the best information I can find. I have bought and sold lots of books and curriculum and have learned some things along the way. It's fun to buy books and resources and then be able to pass them on to another family when we are done with them. Although there are those rare cases where someone has gotten burned, I have to say that I have had great success buying and selling on the resources I recommend on my homeschool classifieds page. I hope it's helpful.

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