Homeschool Curriculum Packages

There are so many homeschool curriculum packages out there that homeschool moms can easily get overwhelmed by all the choices. Although not every homeschooler needs or wants a packaged curriculum, some prefer it. I prefer to pick and choose what I use for each child. Since I've been homeschooling for a long time I've seen lots of different books and curriculums.

I've waded through some of the curriculum package choices and written out a synopsis of some of the more popular ones. This post has lots of information and links and should help make things a little more clear. If you're still confused, you can always check out my coaching page and get help there. Remember to relax and pray! You know your children better than anyone else and if you ask God to help you, he will steer you in the right direction. :)

Here is a list of my choices, reviews, interviews and recommendations for homeschool curriculum packages.

How to Homeschool

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