How to Motivate Little Boys to Read

Little boys have a mind of their own.  Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to get them engaged in learning. So, how do you motivate them? How can we get them to take an interest in reading?

Let me tell you what is working for me at the moment.

We chose a theme:
My son LOVES, LOVES, LOVES super heros.  So, I decided to start there. I found some wonderful super hero graphics to add to our activities.

We personalized the Alphabet Chart:
I worked on a personalized alphabet chart and cards for boys. I have not seen any out there, so we had to make our own. It includes words like boat, lion, frog, robot and tent. I had to block the hero graphic here because of copyright rules but you can see this picture and many more on my blog.

Then, I chose the skills that I want him to review.
For example:
-Identify/name alphabet letters and sounds
-Writing skills
-Making words with word families

Now it's time for some fun activities
Angel loved using these Pocket Cubes from Carson Dellosa.

We played roll the dice games which included:

-Write like a hero
-SPLAT game
-Roll-a-Word, Say the word
-Roll-a-Word, Color the word
-Roll-a-Word, Trace the word
-Roll-a-Word, Build the word

*You can see all these super hero activities in action on my blog:)

For extra fun:
We made a simple super hero cape.

My son's interest has increased and is a lot more willing to READ LIKE A HERO.

Do you want to see the rest of my fun super hero activities and pictures? 
Click on the picture to hop over to my blog:)

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