Integrating Technology Into Your Classroom

Our students are immersed in technology.  Even the primary students have laptops, gaming systems, cell phones, and tablets.  As educators, it is our responsibility to promote effective uses of the available technologies.

I have created a presentation entitled "Integrating Technology into Your Classroom."  During the presentation, you will discover tips on using your available resources, equipment, and time to integrate technology effectively.  I will also introduce you to a dozen free webtools and show you actual examples created by my students.  Regardless of the grade level you teach, I can guarantee there is something in the presentation that you can use in your classroom.

You can download the presentation off of Teacher's Notebook for the low price of $3.95.  Where else can you get professional development for $3.95?  After viewing the presentation, feel free to comment or ask questions on my blog {here}.

Happy learning!

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