Webby Wednesday & Guided Math Chapter 3

It's Webby Wednesday! I am sharing a website with you today that my kiddos love using during our workstation time. There are math and literacy games for grade K-5, & your kiddos can select their grade level to find games that are geared to them. I love that I can easily differentiate right within the website!

It's also time to start talking about Chapter 3 of Guided Math
Using Math Warm Ups in Guided Math

Have you ever thought about the importance of warming up before you start an activity? Think about it.... runners, dancers, & athletes all do their stretches before they begin. Musicians warm up before they start a performance (or even practice!). Planning daily activities that help your students warm up before math helps your students "draw on their prior knowledge and bring it into their working memories where it can be easily accessed for extending their understanding of mathematics".

Come on over & read more about it!

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