Job: Everybody gets one!

Happy Sunday to ya!  I have really been enjoying all of the ideas regarding classroom management.  Management of classrooms big and small is so important, without it we have chaos and with chaos little learning goes on!

Back when I was teaching 11 pre-kinders I implemented classroom jobs for each child.  Each child having their own job was great for helping students learn that each one of us has a responsibility in the classroom. No student felt left out--everyone was important.

This job system worked out with all those pesky dramas, such as...who gets to be in the front of the line, which child gets to hold the door, who gets to help the teacher...and the list goes on and on.  If your not careful, sometimes those silly arguments between preschoolers can turn into time wasters.  I am sure you know what I am referring to: "I was in the front of the line." "No....I was in the front FIRST!"  "NO I was!" "TEACHER!!! He cut me!"  You know how to drama plays out :)  But, when everyone has a job, no drama.

Want to read more about how I created a job for each student?

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