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Do you Pin?  If so, how many boards do you have? In the beginning I had the generic pin boards that Pinterest assigns.  As I started Pinning I created seperate boards for language arts and math and a few different ones that related to all things school.  I also made a few for the home like cleaning and recipes.  Unfortunately with Pinterest you can't create boards within boards like folders on our computers.  As time went on I found the need to create specific boards, especially in the area of education.  language arts board was just too general as was math.  Now I have 41 Boards with almost 800 Pins.  My boards are organized, which makes searching through my boards quite easy.

Pinning Tips:  When you pin or re-pin, make sure the link leads to actual sites and are direct links.  It is really frustrating to find that something you pin is linked to google images or to the general wibsite and not the actual post where the pin originated from.  Pinnners want to be taken directly to the original source.

Following People on Pinterest:  Although this is a great way to see what others are pinning, be very careful if you choose to follow all boards of all your friends, you run the risk of seeing hundreds of pins that might not necessarily be of interest to you.  You are better off to follow specific boards from individuals rather than selecting the Follow All button.

Creating New Pin Boards:  If you are finding that your boards need to be divided into smaller categories, it is rather easy.  First log-in to your Pinterest account then in the upper right corner select Add

Next select "Create a Board"

Now fill in the boxes below and Create Board 

Once you have all you new boards created go back to your boards.  Open a board and hover over the pin you want to move to a new board.  Here you have two choices Repin and Edit.

Choose Repin if you want to keep this pin on this board and Add it to another board.  Choose Edit if you want to move the pin to a different board.  If you are moving the pin select the Board you want to move it to and Save Pin.  Your pin will be deleted from the current board once you refresh your browser.
You can also arrange your pin boards in an order that you prefer by selecting the button from your boards page.  Just click and drag your boards into the order you prefer.

 Be sure to click the checkmark to save

You can see how I've organized my boards here.

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