Listen to the Radio Station Just for Teachers!

When was the last time you stopped by TBA Today, Teaching Blog Addict's Radio Station?  What is TBA Today and who should listen?

Teachers, parents, caregivers, school support staff, counselors, homeschool teachers - basically anyone that works with kids will love this internet radio station!  The topics of the programs are so diverse that everyone is bound to find something that piques their interest!

The radio episodes are all archived, so you can listen to each and every one at your convenience - either at school or at home!  Even opening the programs in a separate browser, while you are blog stalking in another is a great way to multitask!

You can find all the episodes in 2 places easily:

1.  You can head to the TBA Today Blog Talk Radio page, where you will find all the episodes.

2.  Another option is to look at the right sidebar here at TBA, where you will see the radio widget (I placed another one in this post, but it always lives on the sidebar for easy reference).  You will also see this widget floating around on many other blogs as well.  If you want your very own widget for your own blog, click HERE to get the code!  They all play the same shows, so grab your nearest sidebar and press play to begin!

Enjoy and happy listening!

TBA Today Radio Moderator

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