Literacy and Math Stations Management and Accountability

I L.O.V.E my literacy and math stations and the extra practice it gives the kids. BUT I did NOT like how they would get off track and lose focus during station time. My teammate and I created an "I Can" sheet for the students to fill out to help hold them accountable for their station work and to give us feedback on the activities. We required the students to write their "I Can" statement for each activity to help them focus on the skill. Our district is not using "I Can" statements for the next school year, so we might change this to another phrase. They included their likes and dislikes about each station to help us tailor the activities to their interests. Each child has a special pocket in their binder to hold the sheet until they turn it in on Friday. 

Students rotate through two stations each day with their partner. Literacy is on one side of the sheet. They fill out the info for math stations on the back.

To get the record sheet, visit my blog by clicking HERE.

We have a dedicated two hour literacy block each morning. Their two literacy stations are fit in-between my three focus lessons on the week's skills. The third rotation is a time for Read to Self. Students spend about twenty minutes in each rotation. One of my focus lessons is at the beginning of the block before the first station rotation and the others are usually after the first and second station rotation. While the students are in their stations, I work with small groups at the table. I always explain the week's stations as my first focus lesson on Monday morning.

I start off with a whole group lesson in math and move into small groups for the remainder of the class. Part of the class does a small group activity with me or my assistant while the others are in stations. I didn't have as much time for math, so they didn't rotate through as many as they did for literacy.

Things change from year to year, depending on my schedule and my students, so I'll probably have to tweak this for the new year.

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