Math Journal Sundays - Probability

Our last math unit is probability - trying to squeeze it in during our last two weeks of school.  For our math journal entry this week, the students made spinners so they could compare theoretical and experimental probability.

This was a great end of the year activity because it integrated so many math concepts across all strands we have studied this year.  I started the students off with the learning goal and task, and then they had to create their own spinners independently.  They used their knowledge of fractions, geometry, and measurement to create the spinners.  They then used the spinners they created to finish their left side of the page thinking.  So proud of the work they completed!  Drop by my blog to see more images and learn about how the students created their spinners.

I can't believe we're almost at the end of our journals this year.  You can see ALL our math journal entries this year by clicking on the "Math Journal Sundays" picture to the right.  Hope you see something you can use in your classroom.

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day!!!

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