Math Stretchers Freebies for Chapter 3 of Guided Math

I am loving the book study of Guided Math, by Laney Sammons. I have done bits and pieces of this over the past two years, but want to make an effort to be more consistent this coming school year. Ms. Sammons suggests using Math Stretchers every day to get students thinking about math. I love this idea and thought I could incorporate the Stretchers into our  math journals. I made these pages to be glued in the  journals to help me remember to incorporate her ideas. They are designed to be printed two to a page so you can save paper and ink when printing. If I make these up ahead of time, I'll have them ready when I need them! I hope they are something you can use in your classroom, too. If you are not participating in the book study, grab a copy of the book NOW and join in! Go {HERE} to catch up on all the postings for the book study!

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