Minute to Win it!

Minute to Win it games in the classroom have become wildly popular in the last year or so. It's no wonder why. It is just crazy fun!

We just had our class end of the year party yesterday and my only request from the amazing moms who organized the whole thing was that we somehow incorporated some of the Minute to Win it games. And of course they did not disappoint!

The picture above is actually from last year's class. This year as the fun was starting, I went to grab my camera and well, I would have needed go-go-gadget arms to get it because I left it home!  No worries, I have lots of pictures, links and ideas to share with you from last year's party.

So hop in my wayback machine and come with me to a vintage post to read all about how you can easily incorporate these great games into your classroom or even with your own children at home this summer when the "I'm bored's" start kicking in!

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