Practice Sequencing with a Diary of a Worm Freebie

Need to practice an important reading comprehension skill with a fun-to-read book? Here's a free Diary of a Worm Sequencing/Timeline Activity made just for that. It is targeted for grades 1-3, but could also be used with kinders. You can use it to practice sequencing using the caterpillar template or a social studies timeline activity using the timeline template. 3am Teacher provided the cute worm graphics!

It is very easy to implement. First, read the title aloud and discuss what it means for the book to be in a diary format. Then read the book aloud, pointing out that the date of the diary pages go in chronological order. After reading the story, make sure students understand what sequencing is. Ask them how they can decide what order events in Diary of a Worm happen. Make sure they come to the conclusion that in this case, the dates on the diary pages can help them put the events in order. If you choose, the activity can be completed using the Timeline Sheet instead to relate the activity to social studies. 

Once they are ready to complete the activity, give the students copies of the Sequence or Timeline Sheet and one copy of the events. Students simply cut out the events and glue them in order of when they happened in the story. If you want to make it more challenging, give them the Sequence or Timeline Sheet without the printout of the events, and they can remember and write events from the story.

Hope you find it useful.

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